13th May 2016 – Tim in a Sandbox

Plum sandbox with tim_001

Sunset glistens on the waters around Plum sandbox in Second Life, perfect time and place to hang out with one of my new friends: Tim Toman.

Plum sandbox with tim_002

He introduced me to this place where regions are named after colours and we spent a while playing around.

Plum sandbox with tim_003

I think Tim was building a stairway to Heaven, but it didn’t quite reach 😀

Plum sandbox with tim_004

Then Tim started playing with his balls, and it looked fun, so I joined in hehehehehehe.

Plum sandbox with tim_006


Plum sandbox with tim_007

The big kid in all of us surely wants to play in the ball pit.

Plum sandbox with tim_010

*Giggles* Methinks Tim crash landed in a most ungraceful manner.

Plum sandbox with tim_009

Sometime I seek out commission, sometimes I’m learning skills and getting ideas for my circus in Littlefield grid, but sometimes, just sometimes, I actually just have some fun!

Plum sandbox with tim_007

See you all in one grid or another soon 🙂


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