14th February 2016 – Valentine’s Dance


This morning (yesterday evening to the Americans) was the Valentine’s Dance in Littlefield.

For my outfit I went for Amy’s Flaunt gown and “Dirks” thigh high boots from the Latex Bunny outfit.

I got to Speakeasy a little early so I could check out the decorations and get a few pictures. Love the hugging booth!


Before Walter arrived to DJ I had a sneeky go on the decks, but shh….. I didn’t tell you that! *smiles sweetly*

I wouldn’t be me unless I was pole dancing, even if I did have to take my skirt off to save me drowning in material and hair.

One of the benefits of Speakeasy is you don’t have to dance alone, their NPCs in the dance machine provide a selection of willing partners *grins*


When Walter starts the night we’re soon all on the dance floor having a wonderful time.

The club is alive with the sound of LFers! Gotta love our little community, such good people.


The bartender looked a little sloshed himself so I helped myself to a drink!

After lots of dancing it’s best to sit and rehydrate after all.

Lots of people popped in to socialise which made chat fun and diverse. Even a couple of HGers joined us for the evening which was lovely!

More pole dancing before I have to leave, this time in my skirt which is beautifully flowing. Amy’s clothes are always such good quality. But before too long it becomes time to leave and head to bed, I can’t pull all-nighters like I used to.

Wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day! Much love to our Littlefield members.



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