27th September 2015 – Opening of Oktoberfest


Welcome to Littlefield’s 3rd annual Oktoberfest!


Nestled away on the region of Munich is a small German town…


With many people gathering in the streets on opening night.

oktoberfest_003Here you can pick up an authentic costume ready for the party ahead.


The beer is free flowing…


And there’s food to feed everyone, from savoury…


To sweet!

oktoberfest_008Even street vendors are making the most of the crowds.

oktoberfest_009Once sufficiently drunk you can start looking at the rides…


But am I really drunk enough yet?


Going up!

oktoberfest_012Nope, definitely not drunk enough for this!

oktoberfest_013And finally we go back down at a rate of knots…

oktoberfest_014But my feet don’t stay on terra firma for long.


Now I do love a good gyroscope!


“You spin me right round, baby, right round…”


Okay, getting dizzy now.


Which means it must be time to spin and go up at the same time, right?

oktoberfest_019At least it’s not as high as the first ride.


And has a pretty stunning view.

oktoberfest_021One last ride to try out…

oktoberfest_023Though this one goes up and down while spinning round and round…



oktoberfest_025After that I need to take a minute to find my feet…


Before heading to the dance!

oktoberfest_027Where I find lots of people having fun!

oktoberfest_028The only thing left to do is go join them.

oktoberfest_029With Walter in charge of the DJ station we get a rather wierd and wonderful mix of German music.

oktoberfest_030The atmosphere is light-hearted and everyone is having fun.

oktoberfest_031I’m pulling out some of my *ahem* best moves on the dance floor.

oktoberfest_032And more people keep arriving to join in the festivities.

oktoberfest_033But unfortunately here in the UK it’s now very late/very early depending on your point of view.

oktoberfest_034Just 5 minutes more… maybe 10.

oktoberfest_035And finally I can dance no more.

Amazing night with amazing people, well done once again Littlefield! Another well planned event.

Don’t forget the region is open all week so even if you missed the openeing event you can still enjoy the rides!

Until next time,


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