5th June 2015 – LittleField Grid Meeting


Today’s Littlefield grid meeting led by Walter at Smilthville covered a number of interesting topics.


To summarise:

  • The recent technical problems have been solved and normal service has resumed thanks to Walter getting it sorted.
  • Aaack is testing out some new software for the grid before a decision is made whether to use it on other regions or not.
  • Dirk is 70% done working on a new Open Collar for the BDSM community.
  • Walter and Aaack will be importing more RLV toys into the grid soon, also for the BDSM community.
  • Dirk has been featured in an article by Hypergrid Safari.
  • The TV station is open for public use.
  • Google+ groups are being phased out by Google as they focus more on their new Google Photo. The LFG group will probably moving. One possible option is over to the Avatar Social Network.
  • If you get permission to import items to LFG then please make sure you pass a copy of the license/permissions to Camryn to add to permissions library.
  • Stonehaven Party Isle will be back later this month ready for the 4th July celebration which will be held at 8pm PDT.
  • Next grid meeting is also on the 3rd July.
  • LFG members keep an eye on the notices sent out this month. We’re hoping for a Pink Floyd tribute band live feed or video and the Adventure Club will also be hosting an event.


It’s always worth trying to get to the grid meetings. You find out a lot about what’s going on and what people are doing as well as get a chance to ask questions. I hope to see you at the next one!




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