18th April 2015 – Old Bailey and I with Toy’s Picnic Rug

old bailey_002

I picked up Toy’s new picnic rug from Littlefield garden centre to put on my region.

old bailey_003

So while giving Old Bailey a tour of Baraboo we had to test it out.

old bailey_004

The new PMAC system of adding animations without the need for pose balls is a lot smoother and visually pleasing than the MLP that I’m used to.

old bailey_005

Not only is the rug well animated, the animations themselves are very good quality.

old bailey_006

They make for a very caring and affectionate lunch with a good friend or partner.

old bailey_007

It was wonderful to spend some time relaxing with a good friend.

old bailey_008

Thank you for making me giggle!

old bailey_009

But as we lay there we could not escape the passage of time.

old bailey_010

And our break from reality was over.

old bailey_011Thank you to Toy for making a wonderful picnic rug that can allow us all more time relaxing with a friend or loved one on a sunny afternoon.

And thank you to Old Bailey for keeping me company today.

Much love to all


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