3rd April 2015 – Littlefield Grid Meeting


I couldn’t make it to the meeting this month (real life really gets in the way sometimes) but Panther kindly took some pictures while he was there on my behalf. Thank you very much, Panther!

Snapshot_001A lot of the conversation was about Littlefield’s 2nd Anniversary events.

Snapshot_005The festivities begin at 6pm PST on the 4th April at the Smithville region. Keynote addresses followed by dancing and displays created by grid members on the Anniversary region. Everyone is welcome!

Snapshot_002I’m very excited about the Easter egg hunt!

Snapshot_009Find prizes like a tiny clanger in 15 eggs scattered around a few of the Littlefield regions. Keep an eye out for the golden egg! Find it and you can win a $15 USD gift card for ITunes or Amazon. This is open on the 4th April starting at the Littlefield region.

Snapshot_011I wonder how many people will find the golden egg and the tiny clanger.

Snapshot_003Another exciting hunt is planned for the 5th too: the RLV Easter Egg Hunt.

Snapshot_010Make sure you have RLV enabled for this one… which is both exciting and a little daunting… I can’t wait to see how well it goes.

Snapshot_007Upcoming events:

4th April
12pm PDT – Opening Ceremony for Littlefield Anniversary – Smithville region
1pm PDT – Live music – Littlefield Anniversary region

11th April
1-5pm PDT – DJ Danceparty with Bernd – Littlefield Anniversary region
8pm-12am PDT – DJ Danceparty with Walter – Littlefield Anniversary region

Snapshot_008It’s certainly an exciting month this month! I will see you all at the various activities.

Thank you again for the pictures, Panther!


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