20th March 2015 – Littlefield’s Upcoming 2nd Anniversary


Littlefield grid is 2 years old in April and the admin have put together an event for us all to join in with! You may have got the notecard entitled “Littlefield 2nd Anniversary! Expo Info” by Camryn inworld, but in case you missed it here’s the information again:

 *****     IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY! WE ARE TWO YEARS OLD!     *****
*****     LET’S CELEBRATE!!
*****     Littlefield Grid
*****     Second Annual
*****     April 6-12

Littlefield will celebrate our 2nd anniversary beginning April 6, 2015! Our second year was even more exciting than our first. It’s time to take a look back at where we’ve been, and look into the future with our dreams and hopes.

To honor our second anniversary, we are holding our second annual Grand Expo! We have created a special Littlefield Anniversary region for our celebration, and

*****     WE NEED YOU !!

We would like ** every ** Littlefield member to participate this year. After all, YOU ARE THE GRID. You are one of the wonderful people who is the life blood of our community. This party is for you!

It is easy to contribute something to the celebration. We have a wide variety of spaces this year. There are places for all different kinds of contributions. Building is encouraged but is not required. You can do something as simple as a photo… or build an epic installation.

So come on over to Littlefield Anniversary region, claim your space and start building!


This year we are offering four options:

Poster 2×2 – holds 1 photo and an optional short text message
Booth 12×12 – perfect for a small creation, photo wall or a few small objects
Field 60×60 – enough space for your epic build
Gallery – small building to display a collection of images and a few small objects


Just choose an empty space that you like, rez a prim on it, notify an admin and start building. Help yourself, first come first served.


LFG Anniversary Week is April 6-13. Please complete your build by Friday, April 3.


Be creative – make anything you want. Say something about yourself, about our community, or tell a story on a theme that is meaningful to you. Share something cool that you made. Offer good wishes to the grid, tell about good times you had this year, or share your dreams about the future.

BUILDING NOT REQUIRED. You can create an exhibit using photos, or even text. We can help you with a display for photos, and even a way to display plain text. Or, if you have an idea, but don’t know how to make it, team up with a builder buddy and collaborate.


Here are a few to get you started.

TELL A STORY. Use photos and objects to tell the story of your life in the virtual world. Maybe it’s about your relationship, or your adventures (or misadventures), or your RP community. We ALL have a story. We want to know yours!

SHOW US YOUR INTERESTS. What are you passionate about? Do you want people to know about gardening? Decorating? Fashion? Music? Use your exhibit to share your passions.

PROVIDE SOMETHING FUN FOR PEOPLE TO DO. It doesn’t have to be “about” anything. Some of the most popular expo exhibits are just fun activities that give people a smile.

PLAY WITH AN IDEA. Choose a theme, and create a “collage” that expresses your thoughts about it. Some possible themes: Friendship. Dreams. Community. Aspiration. What do these things mean to you?

Remember, Littlefield is about people – about YOU. We want to celebrate the best of what Littlefield is, and what it can be. We want to celebrate you.

If you have any questions, please ask Camryn Darkstone, Toy McBride, Dirk Mathers or Walter Balazic.

Thank you for a wonderful second year, and here’s to an even more spectacular third year!

Walter Balazic
Camryn Darkstone
Toy McBride
Dirk Mathers
Ashton Nobilis

lf anniversary sim_003

I’ve claimed booth 10 and pitched up a crystal ball fortune telling tent from my Night Circus. I’m hoping to have an NPC fortune teller by the event, but if not you can just pretend.

lf anniversary sim_001I hope to see you all there at the Expo and see what you’ve all been creating!

lf anniversary sim_002

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