13th March 2015 – Hisano’s Birthday Gathering


Last night was my birthday gathering with a preview of how The Night Circus is progressing.


I arrived on my land before the party to find a present from the grid, a beautiful set up of cake, banner and bears with balloons! I love balloons so much. Thank you, everyone!


Unfortunately a lot of items no longer work after transferring from another region, but I was pleased to find the trapeze balloon still working, and the seating didn’t take too long to fix.


Being a passion of mine, I had to take the opportunity to show the beginnings of a set of fire poi I’ve been working on.


It was wonderful to have people on Baraboo for a social gathering for the first time.


It was so relaxing in the moonlight with the sample of the circus to come, listening to music kindly provided by Walter which matched my taste perfectly. Thank you, Walter.


Camryn was first to try out the trapeze balloon and looked beautiful doing so. Sorry guys, I’ve not made the male poses for it yet.


It’s lovely to be on grid to socialise and have a break from building.


After a while we went for a wander down to the harbour.


Which is also the artist’s retreat.


Then we moved behing the shack to the more intimate campfire seating area.


Beneath the towering cliffs we chatted and relaxed.


We were just one seat short… I could have pulled out another…


But it was more fun to make Panther sit on the floor!


Moonlight glistened off the ocean making a shimmering path to the distant horizon.


People came and people went, all of them appreciated.


And everyone was generous with their compliments about the region so far, making me very happy and renewed my passion for the project.


I don’t see it as being anywhere near perfect, but it’s not bad for a first attempt at terraforming!


Then we made our way back up the cliff to the circus once more…


So Leah could have a play on the trapeze balloon too…


And see what the tent holds, even if the ship isn’t animated yet.

bday_021Overall it was a very good night and a wonderful end to my birthday. A big thank you to everyone who came, you are all wonderful people and I’m so happy to call you friends.

Love to all!


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