5th March 2015 – Ruritania

Ruritania 16 - Copy - Copy

Welcome to the many aspects of Ruritania, a beautiful region in Littlefield.Ruritania 17 - Copy - Copy

Above ground it has a wonderful Old England feel to it.

Ruritania 18

With the beautiful steam train circulating the land.bunker entrance tunnel - Copy

From there you can only speculate what lurks below…Ruritania 2 - Copy - Copy

The stunning manor house that houses Xi Shi and Sophia Simone.Ruritania 3 - Copy - Copy

The village streets are picturesque…Ruritania 4 - Copy - Copy

With plenty to see and do.Ruritania 5 - Copy - Copy

There’s also a wonderful walk set up through the land.Ruritania 6 - Copy - Copy

A train station houses the beautiful carriages of steam trains.Ruritania 8 - Copy - Copy

The harbour with it’s red light area is a happy place to socialise.Ruritania 9 - Copy - Copy

Everything is so beautifully constructed!Ruritania 10 - Copy - Copy

Staff to the manor house are offered accomodation in the village. Speak to Xi or Sophia for information on vacancies.Ruritania 11 - Copy - Copy

But do you dare step below ground…Ruritania 14 - Copy

To discover a maze of hidden tunnels and rooms?Ruritania 15 - CopyAll pictures in this post were taken by Xi and not myself, who better to get the best pictures than a region owner? Thank you for the permission to post them here!

All the best,


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