21st February 2015 – Littlefield Fashion Show


Some pictures from the Littlefield Fashion Show on the 21st Feb at Smithville.2

Unfortunately I don’t have pics of all the outfits modelled…3

Was having rezzing issues.4

But hopefully the pictures I did get show that it was an amazing event.5

Lots of designers got a chance to show off new pieces of work.6

And advertise their shops.7

People got the chance to be models too.8

But most of us, like Panther and I, sat back to watch the show.FASHION SHOW_001

It was a beautifully designed venue, simple yet elegant.FASHION SHOW_002

And there was a narration through each outfit to inform us where/who we can get it from.FASHION SHOW_003

Jewellery designers accentuated outfits and were also mentioned.FASHION SHOW_004

There was quite a good turn out too!FASHION SHOW_005

From admins to newbies, we all enjoyed it.


And there was something for everyone’s tastes…FASHION SHOW_007

Well, for the women at least.FASHION SHOW_008

Be sexy…FASHION SHOW_009

Be modern…FASHION SHOW_010

Be smart casual…FASHION SHOW_011

Be cheeky…FASHION SHOW_012

Be causial…FASHION SHOW_013

Be elegant…FASHION SHOW_014

Be whatever you want to be!FASHION SHOW_015

Day or night, casual or event…FASHION SHOW_016

Littlefield designers cover it all.FASHION SHOW_017

Even a red wedding dress!FASHION SHOW_018

A big congratulations to the designers for their latest efforts in clothing the grid.FASHION SHOW_019

A truely beautiful range of work, all of excellent quality.FASHION SHOW_020

And a big thank you to all the contributors from land to setting to organising.FASHION SHOW_021

Hopefully there will be many more to come!FASHION SHOW_022Stay safe until next time,


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