17th January 2015 – Hypergrid Tour Part 3 – Uptown, Craft World Grid


Uptown, wow, just wow. Safe to say I had to come back after the tour to finish looking around as this region is a wonderful freebie place split into themed sections. There’s a little something for everyone, and the types of freebies range from clothes to buildings, from furniture to horses.

uptown craft world_001From the central welcome point you just choose your island and cross the bridge to get to it. Or fly, flying is quicker.

uptown craft world_002

The first one I went to was the Western style island as I’ve been looking for animals for the circus I’m building slowly. Here there are horses, horse-related bits and a few cowboy/girl and Indian ourfits in the barn.

uptown craft world_003

Armed with a horse I moved on to the next section.

uptown craft world_004

This seems to be the Nautical island with a couple of bits and bobs to pick up. The biggest draw to the interest here is…

uptown craft world_005

The mini ship!

uptown craft world_006All behind a cute waterfall walkway.

uptown craft world_007This part with the carriages at the enterance is a freebie haven. Quite a bit to look through for both men and women, for the home and for your avatar.

uptown_001Then we come to the Graeco-Roman island.

uptown_002More freebies! Again, both men and women are catered for.

uptown_003Which brings us to the Oriental section.

uptown_005This is a touch of tranquility, a place to meditate…

uptown_006And control your energy with Tai Chi.

tai chiOr admire the buddhist shrines.

shrine uptown_007There are a couple of freebies dotted around here too.

uptown_008Which brought me to my favourite section of all, Gothic.

uptown_009Through the archway guarded by a dragon…

uptown_011Is a courtyard with a few macabre items.


But inside has much more! Very cool.

uptown_012Which brings us to the avi-animals’ playground! All of these structures are free!

running wheelIncluding a running wheel and a tyre swing…

tyre seatAnd a bedroom platform thing in which you’re actually allowed to jump on the bed!


And an outstanding treehouse.

uptown_014In one of the structures there are a few related freebies too including a Neko tail and ears.

uptown_015Lastly we have an island I can’t quite work out the theme. I would say it’s the Ancient area but then there’s another treehouse…

uptown_020Beware the dinosaur!

uptown_018Chill out in Stonehenge’s cousin.

uptown_019It’s a shame the stonehenge replica wasn’t available… would have love that in my garden at home hehehehe.


And it’s all tucked away behind another pretty waterfall gateway.


So, there is Uptown! One of the prettiest freebie regions I’ve ever seen! I highly recommend it to anyone seeking pretties in hypergrid.


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