17th January 2015 – Hypergrid Tour Part 2 – Transgenia, Kitely Grid

transgenia kitely_005

Our second stop was also on the Kitely grid, but this time it’s the stunning Transgenia we went to. This place is a magical, futuristic metropolis.

transgenia kitely_001 transgenia kitely_002

First I looked around the landscape but it’s easy to be distracted when there’s one defining feature…

transgenia kitely_003

I just had to go an see what the huge tower was!

transgenia kitely_006

After making my way through airlock doors I was happily suprised to find some curious stuff in the first room…

transgenia kitely_007

transgenia kitely_008

Including a free biosuit, though I could only have parts of it. I did get the best parts though.

some of the free bio suitBut it did make me wonder what lay ahead.

transgenia kitely_009

Apparently it’s a space shuttle service to a space station! Awesome!

transgenia kitely_015And once you’ve worked out how to navigate it…

transgenia kitely_010 transgenia kitely_011

There are some very cool thing to find…

transgenia kitely_012 transgenia kitely_013 transgenia kitely_014

And once the station is explored, sit on the big ship outside to go inside it!

transgenia kitely_016But be careful, I walked out of a door…

transgenia kitely_017

That turned out to be an air lock! And I fell all the way back down to Transgenia.

transgenia kitely_018

Right near some interesting pods.

transgenia kitely_019

But then it was time to meet back up with the group.

transgenia kitely_020

With just enough time to get a group shot before movin on to the next location.

transgenia kitely_022

I did love this region. It’s lovely to see a mix of both natural and artificial futuristic elements combined into an almost believable location. It’s a breath of fresh, alien air!

transgenia kitely_004


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