6th January 2015 – Luminaria’s Festival of Lights


Welcome to Lumaria’s Festival of Lights region in Littlefield! Open for this week only.


A beautiful wintery sim scattered with lights like an enchanted land.

  luminaria_012 luminaria_011

Grab a free men or womens outfit at the welcome point to keep you warm.


And a free solo dance HUD so you can dance away in the romantic gazebo, even if you don’t have a partner to use the couples pose balls.

luminaria_009 luminaria_008

Every turn holds a gorgeous suprise.

luminaria_007 luminaria_006 luminaria_005 luminaria_004

Magical is the best word to describe this place. I’m in love with it.

luminaria_003  luminaria_001 9

Could happily sit here for hours.

8 7

It makes you feel on top of the world!


What more could you want?

5 4 3 2

Oh yeah… a huge ice rink around the whole region… and free ice skates!


Please make sure you do stop by while this region is still open. Well done to Ava, Toy and Camryn for their hard work on making this place for us all.

All the best!


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