26th December 2014 – SteampunkZ with Panther


Today Panther and I had half hour to spare so we popped by Avia’s sim, SteampunkZ. We were having some teleporting issues and it was one fo the few places we could still get to. I’ve been meaning to drop by for a while so the fates alligned and here we are.




We picked up some new steampunk gear from the shop at the landing area. Love the Da Vinci flying pack!


For a break in the shopping we snuck around back for a cuppa coffee amongst the machinery.


Then went down the stairs to the lower shop level where we picked up some awesome clothes.


This is where we got a bit seperated… Panther fell out of the building and when I flew down to find him we missed each other, but I did find a seat!


Then we met up at the landing point again… and when I got there I found Panther in a rather peculiar position…



Not knwoing where to go next I had the genius ides of clicking on the cage I saw in the ocean…


Then couldn’t get out again without teleporting *giggles*


And that’s as far as we got… but I do hope to go back again and do a bit more exploring. Such a beautiful sim for Steampunk fans. Good job, Avia!


Until next time,


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