18th October 2014 – Train Pub and Staff Wanted

xi train pub 18 10 14_001 xi train pub 18 10 14_002Ever fancied a drink in a traditional train carriage? On a tour of Xi Shi’s land, I stopped in for a pint and a chat.

Ruritania is an English country sim set in the mid 1950’s, but don’t think that makes it predictable. There are more than enough suprises for the explorer to find. I do love the last paragraph of their advert:

“The estate is open to visitors but note that much work is being done on the land so injuries caused by falls or trips are possible to the unwary. There is a small cottage hospital available for use if such an accident did occour but the estate will not accept any liability for injuries thus caused.”

Miss Xi Shi and Sophia Simone, the owners, are also looking out for submissive role-playing staff for the house and grounds with opportunities for promotion. Working on the estate is rewarded with a house in the village for your off-duty hours. Send a notecard to the owners to apply for an interview.

It’s well worth a visit and if you see Xi around, then don’t be afraid to say ‘hello’, she’s lovely!


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