15th October 2014 – A New Home

chilling at home 15 10 14_001

Once in Littlefield the first thing I looked for was a place to call home. Being a free grid I wasn’t even sure there’s be any homes available, but aparently there are! If you stick to the terms you can get your own fully-furnished condo completely free! I added a garden swing I found in a shop, and some fire bowls I made myself to the garden for dedcoration. I believe it’s Amy Storm to see about getting one inworld.

Take care and have fun!


Terms of Use:
Welcome to Hickory Run Residential Area

Hickory Run is a simple free living space for Littlefield Residents.  It is 100 prim per resident, and you are provided with a free furnished skybox.  The furniture in the skybox cannot be moved or altered.  You may add additional furniture up to 100 prim to the unit however.  The unit cannot be sublet, rented, sold, etc..  The rules for residing in Hickory Run follow below, and additionally all Littlefield Grid rules/regulations apply.  If there are any issues, please contact one of the Grid Admins and we will do our best to resolve the situation.  We hope you enjoy your time here, and find Littlefield Grid to be a home for you.

1- You MUST log into Littlefield Grid and be an active member in order to have a free residence.  To be fair to all residents, it would be unfair of us to allow people to log in one time, take a free residence and never log in again.  These units are to help build the community, and parking here and not logging into the grid will not accomplish that.  You must log into the grid a minimum of 2x per week in order to be considered an active member.  If a 2 week time frame passes with no login, we will assume you are no longer an active member of the grid, and release the home to the next waiting user.  If you will be away longer than 2 weeks please notify one of the grid admins so we are made aware of it and keep the home in place while you are away.
2 – No commercial traffic.
3 – No unusually HIGH scripted items (no Sion Chickens etc, for example, if we see something out of line we will discuss it with you).
4 – No “yelling/blinking/screaming” scripted items.  Remember you are in a Condo Complex and people are within 10m of you.  Be considerate of others, and don’t have things that chat or make unusual noise in proximity of your neighbor.
5- Do not build anything higher than 10m outside of your home.  Again, this is a Condo Complex and we do not want others to be disturbed around you.
6 – Do not build anything that blows particles into someone else’s home.  For example a fall tree will blow leaves, do not place it in such a way as to disturb your neighbor.
7 – Do not STALK and/or Intrude upon your neighbors.  These units have no security and therefore are accessible by other users.  Do not disturb your neighbors by dropping in, or walking into their residence without permission.

Simply put… Use common sense, treat people there as you wish to be treated.
Enjoy your new home!  This is a very large and active community, and you will find people to be very friendly, outgoing, and eager to help.

Littlefield Systems



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