8th December 2012 – Winter Party

mieville 5

mieville 6

What:  A holiday get-together with all your friends!
When:  Saturday, 8th December, 6-8 PM SLT
Who:  Hosted by Perryn Peterson, Mayor of Mieville
Where:  Mieville Winter Festival Area

This was a lovely little place to look around, and I enjoyed waiting for the party to start in the Asian gardens at Mieville. Certainly one way to get into the festive spirit! There were rides, refreshments, decorations and conversation around the fire. 😀


mieville 13

mieville 22

mieville 21

mieville 20

mieville 19

mieville 18

mieville 17

mieville 16

mieville 15

mieville 14

mieville 12

mieville 11

mieville 10

mieville 9

mieville 8

mieville 7

mieville 4

mieville 3

mieville 2

mieville 1



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