27th October 2012 – The Best Proposal Ever!

*giggles and bounces happily*

Today was certainly one to remember! It all started with a clue…

The riddle led to one of my family who gave me another to work out and contact… and so on until I found them gathered with Daethsyn. Naturally I joined them! Awaiting for me was the biggest suprise I could imagine… he proposed!

I said yes with all my heart!

Fun with the family and pictures by Panther followed until we grabbed a little time alone together under a cloudless night sky, the Northern Lights glowing gently over us as if to celebrate our joining with us. A perfect day!

So I’d like to say a huge thank you to Dae, Wild, Quin, Viv, Panther, Nez and Wolf for their roles in this whole beautiful scheme! I love you all and am so proud to call you family!

And to the wonderful man who planned this all, who knew me so well as to do all this, I will happily stay with you through time for even the gods could not tear us apart now. You are the light of my world.


NOTE: Click to make pictures bigger



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