6th August 2012 – Curiosity Rover Landing!

Woohooo! Huge congratulations to the whole Curiosity team for their successful landing on Mars!

I stayed up all night watching the NASA broadcasts from hours before until hours after, and what a wonderful experience. The tension as it entered the atmosphere and began its perilous descent, the terrifying ‘black out’ period where we got no feed from the rover, the tortourous wait as we followed it through the eyes of an orbiting satelite. Feeling the joy at each stage passed during the landing, the flood of relief as communications returned, the excitement watching the 1st picture sent back appearing on the screen on my screen… I was basically there as it came in! It was enough of a rollercoaster that I had tears trickling down my cheeks as it decended that exploded into floods of tears when it finally landed safely. I was incredibly happy!

And SL was not oblivious to the pursuits of humankind, many of us space-lovers met to watch the live feed and rejoice together! And I bought a replica Curiosity Rover… so for one day only the Lickity Splits sim will host this replica for public viewing in celebration of this fantastic day! Come and take a look 😀


NOTE: Click to make pictures bigger.


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