2nd May 2012 – A Party, A Win and A Truth Cube…

Oh dear, I was trying to forget about this! *Laughs* What a bizarre and fun night. And it’s all Gorean Whip Radio’s fault.

It started with a notice from the group saying there was a party on soon with a Japanese theme. Prize for the best costumes. With no intention of buying a costume I rumaged through my inventory until I came across a free outfit I picked up in my first few days of SL. Safe to say it was awful! But I wasn’t going to enter the contest, I just fancied meeting new people and a bit of a party.

I arrived a little early (for once ;)) so quietly admired the outfits of the host and manager. While they were setting up the board they wanted to test it, but since they wern’t entering themselves tey asked if I would. I obliged but made it clear I hadn’t intended on entering.

When the DJ turned up his outfit was amazing too! I felt so underdressed in my reels upon reels of badly-sewn cloth. When he entered the competition I did hope he would take the 1st prize.

So we started the party… with 4 of us! Yet we chatted happily until it was officially over. Then two very strange things happened…

1. L$500 suddenly appeared from the competition.

2. They brought out a truth cube and a few more people showed up for it. And what were the questions about? Your sex life.

Now, this was all well and good for a while, and when I got asked what my most common fantasy was I sportingly told the truth. We carried on playing, listening to the radio that’s broadcast over something like 49 sims, until I froze. Our lovely host told everyone what we were doing… and my fantasy! Once the shock subsided I had a great giggle over that one. It just feels so kinky 😉

Now that was a good night…. but I hope no one else remembers.



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